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Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins

Rocker (rok'er) n. 1. Performer. 2. disobedient, rebellious, musical maniac.

Lead Singer and Bass Player Chris Jenkins is exactly that- A Rocker.

In his formative years Chris played polka and then branched out, expanding his skills playing bass throughout the United States and Europe. When questioned about his vocal background, he remained tight-lipped. When asked why he chose the bass, he simply replied, "I like the bottom end.". Okay... Like a true rocker- ever disobedient, rebellious, maniacally musical... and elusive.

Who is this musical genius? Who does he think he is, stirring up the crowd with his bass guitar, legendary vocals and beautiful, flowing rock-locks? Some kind of Rock God!?!?!? Ahem...

Nevertheless, Chris was destined to leave Polka behind when he received inspiration from the sounds of "Led Zeppelin", causing him to throw himself fully into the world of Rock-n-Roll. Rumor has it that Chris was once a hot commodity in the early nineties and then seemingly disappeared from the music scene, only to reemerge from obscurity, kicking and screaming his way across the stage with "Spanky the Band".

Chris needs no introduction. His long Ted Nugent-like hair and lady-killer scent of wild pheromones surround his tall and sturdy stature. He is unmistakably a talented bass player with a set of pipes sure to shatter glass. He definitely stands out in a crowd.

But to a great degree, Chris' musical journey still remains a mystery. However, there is no question about who he is when he steps onto a stage. He is the quintessential disobedient, rebellious, musical maniac that we know as A Rocker. Rock On Chris!



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