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Travis Coleman

What do Greg Allman, Joe Cocker, Pete Townshend and the band, "The Who" have in common? Drummer and Percussionist, Travis Coleman. How about European tours with Graham Nash and Stephen Stills? Travis Coleman. Personal studio work with Richie Havens? Yup- Travis Coleman.

Beginning at the age of five, by age fourteen Travis found his musical roots and was exploring them at age twenty as a member of a group known as the "The Ravens". Obviously not your typical band with members good enough to front for, and perform warm-ups with, some of the most historically significant artists and bands to date. His talent doesn't stop there. Coupled with the ability to sing lead vocals and harmony while playing, Travis is also well versed in classic and modern rock!

Travis speaks very highly of musician Richie Havens and attributes his success to him. "Havens had the greatest impact on my career." states Coleman. Travis also toured with Havens in Europe.

Travis not only brings an extensive history to a collection of performers, but he also brings a rich pedigree of performances. He has developed a unique and creative flair for drumming that continues to set him apart from other drummers. Travis remains humble regarding past performances when he speaks of his tours with "The Ravens", but his track record speaks for itself and so does his character.

Travis continues to offer fulfillment both to himself and the audiences when he plays, and with each heart-felt performance not only does he get to relive history, he gets to make it, too.

So what does "Spanky the Band" have in common with some of Rock's Royalty? Travis Coleman.


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