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Les Samules


Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals, Percussion. Custodian of sleeveless garments.

Sunglasses on. Guitar in hand.

Lead guitarist Les Samuels is no stranger to manipulating his guitar to perform, and perform it does. Les' musical career began at the tender age of three when his uncle introduced him to a Ukulele and by age six he was touring with a well-known polka artist. Inspired by the rock band "KISS", by the age of sixteen the young boy with a Ukulele soon emerged as a gifted young man with an acoustic guitar.

After the purchase of his first guitar, Les toured for many years with unknown bands and artists ("The Belly Lickers" and "The Bone Shakers"). Being young and eager, the tours offered him the experience he needed, but afforded him very little opportunity for exposure.

Fueled by a desire to entertain and an unbridled passion to play, Les formed the band we know today as "Spanky the Band".
"This band has the best chemistry and camaraderie of any musical group I have been a part of," states Samuels. "I have worked with many talented artists, but the members of this band overwhelm me with their willingness to step outside their comfort zone and offer audiences a huge variety of music."

Spanky's band members have a history of friendship that spans over many years, but today's version of the band has been going strong for a little over two years. You will find the group predominantly performing in local night clubs, popular hot spots, smoke-filled rooms and community events located at the Jacksonville Landing. They have also performed at the Ritz Carlton, Marriott at Sawgrass, Hammock Beach Club, and even Epping Forest. This variety of venues confirms their ability to be appreciated for their competence, high energy level, versatility, entertainment content, and musical contributions to the community.

Les Samuels is a hard-rockin' guitar player who continues to dazzle audiences with his star performance and unpredictable stage antics (from his bubble blower to his multiple 'shirt' changes), each move symbolic of Les's fun-loving personality and free-spirit.

Les is indeed doing what he loves. He continues to be committed to delivering the best he has to offer to every audience, large or small.

His guitar is his toy and the stage, his playground.



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Dennis Reid

Cliff 2
Dennis Reid

Keyboard player Dennis Reid prepares for an evening of performing by loading the van that carries the band's monitors, PA system, lights and other equipment needed to run a show. He has proven to be quite the "behind-the-scenes" guy that every band needs to create a successful gig, but his real talent is unleashed when he gets behind the keyboard. Dubbed,"Lightnin' Reid," he possesses the unique ability to play with lightning fast speed and accuracy.

Brand name keyboard manufacturers such as Sony, Korg, and Roland have solicited Dennis to assist them in the development of a keyboard that could withstand the sheer force of his brutal beatings when he plays. Even Dennis' own parents knew they were dealing with a rare force when, as a youngster, he built his own make-shift piano. Recognizing their son had a talent, they quickly purchased a Casio keyboard for him. Unfortunatey, it was the first of many, as the instruments simply could not survive Dennis' Mountan Dew-fueled onslaughts.

"My claim to fame," states Reid, "Is when I toured with the band, 'Moving Pictures'. There is a video on YouTube titled, 'What About Me', that folks can still view."

Aside from the keyboard, you will also catch Dennis walking amongst the audience while playing solo on his electric fiddle-keeping the crowd engaged and energized while the band members take a break.

Dennis is exciting to watch and showcases a bundle of musical talent, especially while on keyboard- he stands inches from a high-powered fan that whips his hair with the same amount of speed, velocity, and force with which he plays. He's often heard quoting the rock classic "I Whip My Hair".


Bill 3

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Travis Coleman

What do Greg Allman, Joe Cocker, Pete Townshend and the band, "The Who" have in common? Drummer and Percussionist, Travis Coleman. How about European tours with Graham Nash and Stephen Stills? Travis Coleman. Personal studio work with Richie Havens? Yup- Travis Coleman.

Beginning at the age of five, by age fourteen Travis found his musical roots and was exploring them at age twenty as a member of a group known as the "The Ravens". Obviously not your typical band with members good enough to front for, and perform warm-ups with, some of the most historically significant artists and bands to date. His talent doesn't stop there. Coupled with the ability to sing lead vocals and harmony while playing, Travis is also well versed in classic and modern rock!

Travis speaks very highly of musician Richie Havens and attributes his success to him. "Havens had the greatest impact on my career." states Coleman. Travis also toured with Havens in Europe.

Travis not only brings an extensive history to a collection of performers, but he also brings a rich pedigree of performances. He has developed a unique and creative flair for drumming that continues to set him apart from other drummers. Travis remains humble regarding past performances when he speaks of his tours with "The Ravens", but his track record speaks for itself and so does his character.

Travis continues to offer fulfillment both to himself and the audiences when he plays, and with each heart-felt performance not only does he get to relive history, he gets to make it, too.

So what does "Spanky the Band" have in common with some of Rock's Royalty? Travis Coleman.



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Chris Jenkins

Cliff 2
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins

Rocker (rok'er) n. 1. Performer. 2. disobedient, rebellious, musical maniac.

Lead Singer and Bass Player Chris Jenkins is exactly that- A Rocker.

In his formative years Chris played polka and then branched out, expanding his skills playing bass throughout the United States and Europe. When questioned about his vocal background, he remained tight-lipped. When asked why he chose the bass, he simply replied, "I like the bottom end.". Okay... Like a true rocker- ever disobedient, rebellious, maniacally musical... and elusive.

Who is this musical genius? Who does he think he is, stirring up the crowd with his bass guitar, legendary vocals and beautiful, flowing rock-locks? Some kind of Rock God!?!?!? Ahem...

Nevertheless, Chris was destined to leave Polka behind when he received inspiration from the sounds of "Led Zeppelin", causing him to throw himself fully into the world of Rock-n-Roll. Rumor has it that Chris was once a hot commodity in the early nineties and then seemingly disappeared from the music scene, only to reemerge from obscurity, kicking and screaming his way across the stage with "Spanky the Band".

Chris needs no introduction. His long Ted Nugent-like hair and lady-killer scent of wild pheromones surround his tall and sturdy stature. He is unmistakably a talented bass player with a set of pipes sure to shatter glass. He definitely stands out in a crowd.

But to a great degree, Chris' musical journey still remains a mystery. However, there is no question about who he is when he steps onto a stage. He is the quintessential disobedient, rebellious, musical maniac that we know as A Rocker. Rock On Chris!

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Sean Walden
Sean Walden

Sean- the man who hears the things that no one else does.

Sean can hear a tree fall in the forest when he's nowhere near a forest.

As a baby, he would modify his baby-monitor into a mini PA system that had the same quality and clarity of a Bose system. Actually Bose stole the technology from Sean, but he couldn’t do anything about it because, well, he was a baby. Hard to argue your point in court when you can't articulate in anything other than goo's and ga's. Not to mention the whole diaper thing. DAMN YOU, BOSE!

Sean traveled the world in search of the mysterious “sound” that he heard daily at about 7:45 am. It was a troubling sound that could only be explained as disturbing, yet somehow, soothing. He almost found the sound in Bangladesh. COULD IT BE? NOPE! It was just Das Polka wailing out one of their songs, just like every other morning at 7:45 am. No explaination forthcoming, the source of the morning noises in his head are destined to remain elusive. Like the girl in that Tom Petty song says, "It's just the normal noises in here."

Sean settled down in California for two days to develop his nuclear generator business, but stopped and quickly moved to Jacksonville because of tax purposes. Lets just keep that between us.

The day Sean arrived in Jax, he noticed two guys trying to set up a Radio Shack PA system with the usual tools-of-the-trade- a monkey-wrench and a cordless drill. It was quite the sight to see. He intervened and asked if he could help, as the guys' girlfriends were chuckling at them. Appreciative of Seans' bro-code initiative, they accepted his assistance. With Sean's help, the cheap PA system was assebled and running. He then commenced to "Tweak the Knobs", his specialty, making the crappy PA sound like a $700,000.00 system worthy of Rush, the Foo Fighters or Slim Whitman (a vocally fervent admirer of "Spanky the Band" til his untimely passing in June of 2013. RIP, Slim).

That band was Spanky during their inaugural concert. They asked Sean to come on board as their main sound guy, but he declined. Not until he found the sound that has haunted him for years.

Two days later, Sean found that haunting sound he had spent his early years desparately searching for! Only he can tell you what it is. You'll have to ask him and hope he's in a sharing mood. Since he no longer had a purpose in life, he called the guys at Spanky and agreed to fill the sound position and the rest is... yeah, yeah, you know.

To this day, EVERY top band in the world tries to “steal” Sean from Spanky, but Sean has declined every time because he is dedicated and loyal to the Spanky cause (but mostly due to the incriminating pictures Les has of him).

Sean does not have a degree- his claim to fame is that he trained some guy on how to run sound... this guy later started some school named Full Sail or something. Go figure.


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